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Click the button below to access the More Information section, where you will find  a variety of useful resources such as:

  • Flyers provided by The Counseling Team.  Although you may not want to read through all of them now, we suggest perusing them so you know what information is available in a time of need or future crisis.

  • Nationwide resources such as the 24/7 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

  • Wellness and self-help books to improve all aspects of your life. 


The Wellness Blog page will be updated frequently to provide you with new information. The blog posts will cover many different topics as it relates to wellness. Our goal is to provide employees and their families with a broader knowledge base to assist in life. We believe some of these posts will spark an interest in you. Click below on "More Info" to view the most current blog posts.



In this section we have attached various useful videos from TEDTALK. These videos range in length from a couple of minutes to a half hour. We feel the ones listed pertain to our wellness. If you find these videos useful and want to watch others on different topics you can go directly to the TEDTALK website at



"We all experience different challenges throughout life. I feel it is necessary for each one of us to be a link that connects us all together. Sometimes we don't always reach out to others when we could. We fear that we don't know what to say, or worse, that we might say the wrong thing. I can tell you from my own experience it is important that we act on the observations we make when others could use a helping hand or just an ear to talk to. The Wellness Team consists of several different components to include the Peer Support program, Chaplains Service, and The Counseling Team. This team is committed to helping SBPD employees and their families. It's my vision that by navigating through this website you will gain a better knowledge of the resources available to you, a loved one, coworkers, or a friend." - Sergeant Chris Gray

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