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As your Wellness Sergeant I am committed to reaching out to individuals throughout the organization.  We all experience different challenges throughout life. I feel it is necessary for each one of us to be a link that connects us all together. Sometimes we don't always reach out to others when we could. We fear that we don't know what to say or worse that we might say the wrong thing. I can tell you from my own experiences it is important that we act on observations we make when others could use a helping hand or just an ear to talk to.   I have already spoken to quite a few of you.  I will tell you that my highest priority is building and maintaining trust with all of you. 


Trust is built in many ways. One of which is maintaining

confidentiality.  From meeting with many individuals associated under the "Partners & Services" page they all independently stressed to me the importance of confidentiality and without it their own reputations would be lost.


The Peer Support Team is people who are on the front lines shoulder to shoulder with you. That have all chosen to be part of the team and are committed to being there for others. We all have similar experiences and those experiences partially shape who we are. Those on the team have all completed P.O.S.T training as it pertains directly to peer support. If we can be of any assistance to you please know we are there. We can also provide guidance to other available services.

This website was designed to provide us all with quick user friendly information. I have personally inquired into all that is listed in this website so if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for please contact me. Also, If you have other useful resources that may be beneficial to others please let me know. Lastly, as you navigate through the website you will notice there are useful videos, books, and PDF documents.

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