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The San Bernardino Chaplains Corps has been in service for over two decades and is currently composed

of three dedicated individuals.


They are Chaplains:

 Ray Miller (909) 855-9139

Vince Ortega (909) 534-0697

Russ Fritz

Their services are available to you 24 hours a day.

They are certified by a religious body.

    Chaplains visit the San Bernardino Police Department every Tuesday morning and routinely go on ride-alongs with officers. Depending on your work schedule you may or may not come into regular contact with them. They wanted their phone numbers made readily available. Our Chaplains are here for you. They truly are people who care. Chaplain Ray said it best when he indicated the most important part of his day is "building relationships".

The Chaplain Program is established for the purposes of providing spiritual and emotional support to all employees and their families. They provide non-denominational ministry and are a valuable resource for anyone dealing with  any situation or crisis that might arise to include accidents, suicides, drug & alcohol abuse, and deaths.      Chaplains also provide crisis intervention, hospital visits, prayer, bible studies, invocations, weddings, and funerals.

Confidentiality is among the Chaplains' highest priorities. 

The Chaplains Corps provides useful pamphlets, which are available in the back of the briefing room.

Chaplain Russ Fritz

Chaplain Ray Miller

Chaplain Vince Ortega

Chaplains Vince & Russ

Chaplains Ray & Russ

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