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Hangar 18

This was a fantastic event enjoyed by all those who came! Thanks for your participation! If you missed it, don't worry we will most likely host it again over Christmas break! Rock climbing is an excellent way to build all over strength and have fun all at the same time.

As you can see in the pictures there are different color coded grips. These are pathways that vary in difficulty. All paths are marked so you know ahead of time what difficulty level you are facing. The challenging part is that you will conquer some paths and then you come across one that just has your number. You get mentally and physically stuck half way up or worse almost to the top and you just can't get it. Then the next time you go back to the gym you finally get it!! Its definitely a feeling of accomplishment when that happens.

I highly suggest to those of you reading this who have never tried it, "Go try It!" I must warn you though you might just get hooked as most of the people in these photos did. The more you go, the better and stronger you get. After awhile you become a regular and then get exposed to all the different lingo regulars use such as, "Redpoint" or a "flash". See you on the next climb!

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