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Peer Support Group

Meet The Team

Sylvia Hansen

Herlinda Rodriguez

Anna Luna

Junior Saenz

Patsy Methvin

Erick Martin

Dan Han

Doreen Reinke

Jon Plummer

Leo Dooley

Marie Woodall

Shauna Gates

Chris Gray

Our Peer Support Group is comprised of sworn and professional staff volunteers throughout the organization who make up a valuable support network. Every member of the team has completed certified peer support training provided by The Counseling Team.


All Peer Support Group team members are dedicated and willing to give their time to help their fellow employees during times of need.

Whether you are facing a professional or personal crisis, or just need someone to listen, they are ready and willing to lend a helping hand. 

In our profession, experiencing critical incidents occurs regularly. How each one of us handles the affects of such incidents might differ. Sometimes simply talking about what happened and having someone there to listen is all it takes to get through a difficult situation.  



Peer Support Group team members promote trust, anonymity, and confidentiality for employees who seek their assistance.  Communication between a peer supporter and an employee is privileged and confidential unless the peer supporter determines any of the following conditions exist:  danger to self or others, child or elder abuse, domestic violence, or any felony crime.  Please read Policy Section 1059.6 regarding confidentiality.

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