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The Counseling Team provides services to over 100 local, state, and federal agencies. They have over 50 clinicians that span 27 different locations, which allows them to match you to the most suitable office and clinician. The Counseling Team has an office in San Bernardino located at 1881 Business Center Drive, but you can make arrangements to go to any one of the other facilities depending upon which office is best for you.


The Counseling Team provides a host of services to employees and their families including:

  • Marital and relationship counseling,

  • Stress Management

  • Grief counseling,

  • Alcohol and drug counseling, and

  • Financial concerns.


Employees and family members can receive 10 no charge counseling sessions per issue per year.   You can make a confidential appointment directly with The Counseling Team by calling (909) 884-0133 or (800) 222-9691. Office appointments may be made during normal business hours, and The Counseling Team is available 24/7 for any urgent need. 

We all need some help along the way, and these are the trained professionals who know our profession and who you can trust.

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