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Listed below is some of the most commonly-used information regarding our health benefits.


For a more comprehensive summary of these benefits, please click on the PDF file to the right.



Blue Cross  Blue Shield

Click the "Anthem" link to see some of the health screenings that are available to you as an Anthem member.


Under the HMO plans and the In-Network PPO plans, these preventive care screenings are free. 

Listed here are additional details of Anthem HMO Select and Full Network coverages.


The benefits in red are simply changes from 2017 benefits.

This chart is good to keep in mind.  In terms of wellness, note that members have up to 30 Chiropractic visits per year at only $10 per visit.  There is also no cost for preventative care.

Listed here are additional details of "Preferred Provider Organization" PPO plan coverages.

This plan provides choice and flexibility. You can chose an in-network provider or go to an out-of-network provider at a higher cost.

There are annual deductibles payble before benefits apply.


At times, it may seem difficult to navigate a large healthcare insurance website to try to find the resources you need.  However, you can usually get what you need just by following the menu options.  Listed below is a step-by-step example. 


Lets say you are looking for a marriage and family therapist and you have ANTHEM PPO In-Network.

- Enter on your browser

  - Scroll down and click "Find a Doctor"

    - Scroll down and click "Search as a Guest"

     - Click "Continue"

       - Click "Through Employer"

        - Click "California"

         - Click "Medical"

          - Click "Blue Cross PPO (Prudent Buyer) Large Group"

            - Click "Continue"

              - Click "Behavioral Health"

                - Click "Marriage and Family"

                 - Enter your location (city in which you'd like to receive service)

                   - Enter the miles you want to use for your search (e.g., 10 miles)

                     - You will then get a return of therapists that you can scroll 

                        through. You will see their areas of expertise, their specific

                        location, and phone number.

Once you get to the option to click on "Marriage & Family," there are other options in that small window such as psychologists, psychiatrists, and behavioral & substance abuse specialists to name a few.

This is just one example.  You can navigate the Anthem website for many other services covered by your healthcare insurance. 

Remember:  if you have the Anthem HMO plan you will first need to go through your regular primary care physician to get a referral to one of these resources.


Kaiser Permanente

"Quality Care, Affordable Plans & Choice of Doctors."

The Kaiser Permanente HMO plan offers comprehensive coverage and a broad network of physicians & hospitals to chose from.

Preventive care has no copay and chiropractic visits are available for just $15 up to 20 times per year.

Click the link below to visit the Kaiser website.

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